Welcome to our voucher refund website. On this page you can request refunds for bookings that we have converted to vouchers. If you want to cancel regular bookings that have not been converted to vouchers by us due to the Covid 19 pandemic, you can only do so via the regular user area.

First of all, we want to share some considerations with you and make them understandable for you.
It is no secret that refunds mean a lot of stress, work and costs for us.


  • We have to check each reimbursement individually, document it and prepare it for transfer. When all the data is available, it takes us about 5 minutes per case. That is 5 minutes for which we have to pay our staff and 5 minutes in which these people can do nothing else. With 1000 reimbursements, that is 5000 minutes and thus almost 3 working hours per week for a staff member, during which all other tasks fall by the wayside.
  • Furthermore, we do not refund the value of the voucher, but the sum of your payments including fees that ultimately led to the issuing of the voucher. However, we have incurred costs for accepting these payments (bank positions, accounting positions, fees of the payment service providers and/or internal processing of the incoming payment). These costs are doubled with every refund, because they are mostly incurred again in the same amount with the repayment.

We do not have these problems with vouchers. They are already issued automatically and can be redeemed automatically on our website. Neither we nor the customers incur any work or costs when issuing or redeeming them.

Therefore: If you are planning to travel with BASSLINER to a festival until 31.12.2023 anyway, it would relieve and help us a lot if you keep your voucher and do not register for a refund at first.

The voucher is valid for all our trips. If you are still unsure whether you want to use the voucher, you can keep it for the time being and then register for reimbursement at any time up to 31.12.2023. From July at the latest, we will be offering trips to the Fusion Festival 2022 as well as to the planned replacement events on the Fusion grounds in August/September this year for booking. The vouchers will of course be valid as payment for these as well.

If you are in urgent need of the money or if there are other reasons why you should not keep the voucher, we will of course understand this as well. You have the possibility to leave a voluntary contribution of any amount to cover the costs and to support our work.

Thank you!

All those who keep their voucher will receive the BASSLINER - THANK YOU jute bag as a thank you and gift. It can be picked up at our info point at most of the events we are going to this year and next year. A list of pick-up stations will follow soon on this page under "Status".

  • I don't want a voucher but a refund - what do I have to do?

The voucher is only an intermediate step to the refund and is issued automatically to all booking holders. You can then use the voucher both for a refund request and for a new booking.

  • Do i have to decide right now?

No, you can use the voucher immediately and for more than 2 years (until at least 31.12.2023) for both a new booking and a refund.

  • Can I partially refund the voucher and partially use it for a new booking

This is also possible, but not via the form. The easiest way is to use the voucher for a new booking as soon as we offer such rides and then contact our support. If you would like to reduce the voucher value by a partial refund immediately, you can also contact us now.

  • Do I have to show "unreasonableness" to get a refund?

No. Anyone can use the voucher for either a refund or a new booking. There are no requirements for the decision.

  • How does the refund work?

Simply fill out the refund form on this website.

  • How long will the refund take?

Of course, it depends on how many refunds are made. However, from today's perspective, we expect processing times of 2-4 weeks at the most.

  • How do I get my Soli-jute bag?

All those who currently have a voucher - for whatever reason - and use it for a new booking instead of registering it for a refund will receive the Soli-jute bag with the "THANK YOU" motif from us as a thank you. However, we will not send the bags, but give them to you personally at the next opportunity, namely at our meeting points at most of the events we are serving this year and next year. Under "Status" on this page you will soon find a corresponding list.

Please refer to the german version of this page for detailed refund statistics.

Generally speaking, refunds that have been submitted correctly are currently processed in 14 days or less.

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